Is Hair colouring safe for expecting mothers?

This is a question we are commonly asked in the salon, can you colour your hair whilst you’re pregnant?

Here at Ivy Creations we are an ammonia free salon. All of our colours do not have any toxic or harsh fumes, they are gentle on our client’s scalp and are safe for you to use whilst you’re pregnant. Our hair colour is topically used and cannot break though the scalp and enter the body in any way, we do recommend a face to face colour consult for new clients with sensitivities or allergies.

There are many ways to colour your hair whilst you’re pregnant. Some women choose to have a demi permanent colour instead of a permanent colour, some women may choose to hold off colouring within the first trimester of their pregnancy or some women tweak their colour and have foils that sit slightly off the scalp.

We strive to always educate and add value to our clients and make sure that every client consult is thorough. As women we have the choice to make decisions about our bodies and when it comes to pregnancy and colouring your hair, it is up to you to colour your hair or embrace the natural look!